Arizona Diamondbacks Giveaway Policy

Sports - Dbacks logoAll giveaway items will be distributed on the game day specified, when the gates open, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Each ticketed guest that is within any specified age limit will receive one (1) giveaway item (while supplies last).  Guests with multiple tickets must exit and reenter the ballpark in order to receive multiple giveaway items.  Children who do not need a ticket will be issued one (1) giveaway item, so long as they are within any specified age limit.  There are no exceptions to this policy and all determinations by the Arizona Diamondbacks are final.  Giveaway dates, items, and quantities are subject to change.  The Arizona Diamondbacks reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.

* For kids age 12 and under.


Date▲ Opponent▲ Promotion
Fri, Jul 5 6:40 pm Rockies
Sun, Jul 7 1:10 pm Rockies
Thu, Jul 11 6:40 pm Brewers
Fri, Jul 12 6:40 pm Brewers
Sat, Jul 13 7:10 pm Brewers
Sun, Jul 14 1:10 pm Brewers
Fri, Jul 26 6:40 pm Padres
Sat, Jul 27 5:10 pm Padres
Sun, Jul 28 1:10 pm Padres
* All giveaways and event dates are subject to change[ Back to Top ]


Date▲ Opponent▲ Promotion
Fri, Aug 9 6:40 pm Mets
Sat, Aug 10 5:10 pm Mets
Sun, Aug 11 1:10 pm Mets
Wed, Aug 14 12:40 pm Orioles
Fri, Aug 30 6:40 pm Giants
Sat, Aug 31 5:10 pm Giants
* All giveaways and event dates are subject to change[ Back to Top ]


Date▲ Opponent▲ Promotion
Sun, Sep 1 1:10 pm Giants
Mon, Sep 2 1:10 pm Blue Jays
Wed, Sep 4 12:40 pm Blue Jays
Fri, Sep 13 6:40 pm Rockies
Sat, Sep 14 5:10 pm Rockies
Sun, Sep 15 1:10 pm Rockies
Wed, Sep 18 6:40 pm Dodgers
Thu, Sep 19 12:40 pm Dodgers
Fri, Sep 27 6:40 pm Nationals
Sun, Sep 29 1:10 pm Nationals

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